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The Division of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology offers a variety of postgraduate programmes at Masters and Doctoral level. These degrees are research-based, with the notable exception of the unique MPhil Biomedical Forensic Science programme, which is interdisciplinary and combines coursework and research. Students have the opportunity to specialise in a particular discipline up to Doctoral level, after which postdoctoral positions may be available. 


The Division of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology is equipped with specialised laboratory spaces to accommodate research in multiple disciplines, including forensic pathology, trauma, forensic toxicology, forensic genetics and forensic entomology.  These environments are home to both essential and advanced instrumentation, affording students an opportunity to perform innovative and cutting-edge research which is locally relevant and commensurate with international standards.


An internal academic programme is hosted alongside these postgraduate programmes, which offers students an opportunity to develop their professional and academic skills, whilst meeting students from other programmes or sub-specialities. This includes journal club, academic meetings and seminars.