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Our mission as a Biomedical Forensic Science group is to develop professional, ethical graduates whose competence in problem-solving, legal analysis and application, quantitative reasoning, investigation and scientific laboratory procedures that can be applied to immediate employment or advanced study. We aspire to conduct translational research, identified through collaboration with stakeholders, motivated by locally relevant needs.

Here are some of the key outcomes for Biomedical Forensic Science practice, teaching and research:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the interdisciplinary fields contributing toward biomedical forensic science
  • Demonstrate an appreciation of the complexity of the interaction of medicine, science and law
  • Work effectively as an individual and as a member of a team. 
  • Demonstrate professionalism and adherence to ethical principles of forensic science in research, teaching and other related settings.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the scientific method and problem solving within the field of biomedical forensic science.
  • Conduct research related to service driven problems in the biomedical forensic science field.
  • Understand the requirements of the continuity of the evidence and demonstrate the correct use of contemporaneous notes.
  • Demonstrate competency in various laboratory and analytical skills and techniques in a practical setting.
  • Critically evaluate laboratory analyses and reports, and interpret results meaningfully in the forensic context.
  • Demonstrate effective communication with appropriate language, verbal and writing skills to compile and present objective scientific and / or legal reports.
  • Demonstrate the ability to translate scientific concepts and present evidence in a courtroom.
  • Demonstrate cultural and aesthetic sensitivity in forensic settings.
  • Demonstrate life-long learning and on-going competency by demonstrating a curiosity about problems and searching for knowledge.
  • Demonstrate an understanding the function and importance of quality assurance, GLP and H&S


To be world leaders in Forensic Science practice, teaching and research