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The challenges of safety in society are multi-levelled and complex, especially in the forensic science arena. In South Africa, forensic science plays an important role as a scientific instrument that may be used by the law enforcement service to make findings that will assist the courts of law to successfully exonerate the innocent and prosecute the guilty.

As biomedical specialties continue to provide vital techniques and practices to forensic investigation, there is now a need for trained forensic professionals across the nation. The sector of forensic science demands highly skilled and knowledgeable persons who have extensive knowledge of biomedical science as is used within forensic examinations. Individuals trained in the basics of forensic science with a strong biomedical background will provide a crucial level of expertise to forensic investigations. The goal of the Biomedical Forensic Science group and their programmes is to provide a broad-based learning experience in multiple areas of forensic and biomedical sciences and this knowledge must also be applied within the practical field of forensic science as well as in research relevant to the South African situation.

The qualifications should allow the forensic science fraternity to undertake research and/or provide a more effective service that will improve community satisfaction and position them to fulfil their mission of creating a safe environment for all who live in South Africa. These programmes intend to develop a group of competent, professional personnel to perform forensic science examinations and conduct research, which will assist the courts of law to ensure crime resolution.  The primary purpose of the qualifications is twofold: Firstly, to equip the students with rigorous advanced scientific knowledge, laboratory and legal expertise and leadership skills; and secondly, to equip the students with research skills to contribute to the national and international body of research in laboratories and in death and forensic investigations.