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The Division of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology is home to various postgraduate students. Below are the details of some of our current students involved in biomedical forensic science research. 


Name: Wilmari Uys
Email: UYSWIL002@myuct.ac.za 
Thesis title: Investigating age-related intra-puparial characteristics of necrophagous fly pupae to improve the accuracy of post-mortem interval estimation.




Name: Kyle Kulenkampff
Email: KLNKYL004@myuct.ac.za 
Thesis title: Forensic DNA barcoding of blow flies (Diptera: Calliphoridae) for post-mortem interval estimation.



Name: Adeyemi Adetimehin
Email: ADTADE003@myuct.ac.za 
Thesis title: Insect fauna and their pattern of succession on decomposing stillborn pig carcasses: Implications for Forensic Entomology in Western Cape, South Africa.



Name: Donna-Lee Martin
Email: MRTDON003@myuct.ac.za 
Thesis title: DNA-based human identification: Investigation into enabling massively parallel sequencing in forensic casework in South Africa.



Name: Kate Reid
Email: RDXKAT001@myuct.ac.za 
Thesis title: Forensic Human identification: what works and where can improvements be made? Meta-analysis of current identification procedures at a forensic mortuary in Cape Town, South Africa.



Name: Abduraghmaan Fisher
Email: FSHABD002@myuct.ac.za 
Thesis title: The use of next generation sequencing in the forensic DNA profiling of burnt teeth



Name: Thomas Mollett
Email: MLLTHO013@myuct.ac.za 
Thesis title: The Bloating Phase: Investigating bloating at sea utilising an animal model.



Name: Nastasja van Wyk 
Email: VWYNAS001@myuct.ac.za 
Thesis title: Establishing bullet reference ranges for common handgun calibers through medical imaging.


  Name: Zemvelo Mnisi
Email: MNSPRE006@myuct.ac.za 
Thesis title: Post-mortem toxicological analysis of hair in violent fatalities: An investigation into long-term drug exposure.
  Name: Thandiswa Mkonto
Email: MKNTHA046@myuct.ac.za 
Thesis title: Exploring the incidence of malpractice suits involving the phrenic and recurrent laryngeal nerves: frequency, anatomical variation, and outcome.
  Name: Pearl Oriele Perumal
Email: PRMPEA001@myuct.ac.za  
Thesis title: 
Micro-analysis of cranial fracture patterns.
  Name: Tayna Carlisle
Email: CRLTAY002@myuct.ac.za
Thesis title: Investigation into the detection of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in deceased persons in Cape Town.
  Name: Masego Sebolai
Email: SBLMAS005@myuct.ac.za 
Thesis title: The use of histological methods to distinguish between the burned remains of human and non-human bone. 
  Name: Tyrian Laubscher
Email: LBSTYR001@myuct.ac.za 
Thesis title: Protocol Development for Recovery and Handling of Forensic Entomology and Taphonomic Evidence During Death Scene Investigations.
  Name: Wene Bhengu
Email: BHNWEN001@myuct.ac.za 
Thesis title: Investigation of a founder genetic variant in South African SUDI cases and background population.
  Name: Ogheneochuko Oghenechovwen
Email: OGHOGH001@myuct.ac.za 
Thesis title: A retrospective study investigating risk factors for sudden unexpected death in the young.
  Name: Dirk Hamadziripi
Email: HMDDIR001@myuct.ac.za 
Thesis title: A retrospective study investigating risk factors for sudden unexpected death in the young.
  Name: Céleste Leggett
Email: LGGCEL001@myuct.ac.za 
Thesis title: Sex estimation of unidentified human remains: Concordance between morphometric anthropological assessment and DNA analysis.
  Name: Rumbidzai Lorraine S. Chonyera
Email: CHNLOR003@myuct.ac.za 
Thesis title: A retrospective analysis of fatal ground-level falls and falls from a height: A 5-year review.


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